Solution CTO, LLC

Energy connectivity and insight.

Peak Demand

Demand charges can be half of a commercial or industrial utility bill, but it's also the most easily controlled expense. Simply understanding when you hit peak demand, and determining the underlying cause, could cut your demand dramatically. And that leads to direct savings on each and every bill.

System Integration

An Application Programming Interface (API) makes data accessible to your applications. Combine data from utility meters and solar production in a simple connection. We also provide simple CSV and XML file downloads through the web.

Utility-grade Meters

We use ANSI-C12.20 compliant meters with a direct data connection from your site to our servers. The meter requires a professional electrician to install, but no special IT network setup is required. Just an ethernet cable.


New York has created the Generation Attribute Tracking System for the minting and auction of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in New York. Solution CTO is a Qualified Independent Party, authorized to assist you in tracking REC attributes.

Contact us and take advantage of our hosted software and renewable energy experience to make monitizing your RECs simple and low-risk. We've built and hosted large, complex software applications and designed our services to support yours. We use industry-leading hosting platforms, managed and optimized for you, and we take care of keeping your platform up to date and operational, managing redundancy, backups and performance monitoring.

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