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Above 73

GREAT opportunity – Probable 50-70% energy reduction opportunity. This indicates a very expensive energy bill. You may also have difficulty keeping the home evenly comfortable (because most of the heat created is quickly going outdoors). This home typically has snow melting off the roof before other homes in the neighborhood and ice damming may be a frustrating and costly problem. Often this homeowner has spent money trying to improve efficiency and been frustrated with modest to poor results. Please feel free to schedule a visit. You are my ideal client as your energy savings is likely to more than pay for your improvements.

49 - 72

Good opportunity – Probable 20-50% energy reduction opportunity. Usually these homeowners want to see me because they feel the money they are spending on energy does not balance with the comfort they are receiving. These people want to understand where the best opportunities for improvement lie before investing in improvements rather than using the old “throw money and hope” approach. If you heat with Oil or Propane, the dollar savings opportunity can be quite significant. Please feel free to schedule a visit

24 - 48

Some opportunity – Probable 10-20% energy reduction opportunity. If you fall in this category your dollar savings opportunity is probably not great unless your house is bigger than 2500 square feet and/or you heat with propane or oil (for example: $1 per square foot per year energy cost at 2010 prices is high). If you heat with Natural Gas and fall into this category your motivation for seeing me would be comfort imbalance issues, problems with ice dams, or your equipment has passed its life expectancy and you want to thoroughly explore your options and avoid making a 15-20 year mistake. Please feel free to call and discuss.

Less than 24

Probable 5-10% savings without extreme measures. Basically anybody could get to Net Zero Energy Home, but at what cost? You spend more fueling your Prius than your home. While cost effective opportunities to stop wasting energy are plentiful, once those are addressed further improvements tend NOT to be about saving money. At some point the incremental cost of energy improvements becomes higher than the energy saved can justify on its own. Homeowners with energy use approaching net zero want energy independence and are willing to pay a premium for it. Please e-mail me if you are looking for help.

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